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These supplementary materials are intended to accompany ebook reading experience for Earthflown. They appear below in the order they’re set in the print editions. If you’re looking for content warnings or trope tags, click here!

(contains minor spoilers, best viewed after chapter 3)


apteecolloquial reference to an individual with aptitude.
aptitudeumbrella term for certain genetic abilities to manipulate energy. Subcategories include firestarters, watercallers, ghosts, and telekinetics. Despite fundamental differences, the term also now encompasses empaths and healers.
CM15shorthand for a series of proprietary compounds by Arden Pharmaceuticals which ensures water potability.
dampenera mid-range, usually non-directional device designed to minimise the effects of certain aptitudes. Often mandated on transport and other high-risk facilities.
editedcolloquial references to human germline gene editing.
fusivenew energy storage method, with mobile and industrial applications – including in the water sector as an CM-15 alternative (chemical-based water treatment).
glasstherapeutic and recreational drug that requires large quantities of CM15 to manufacture.
Levelvertical-zoning designation, usually associated with an established district, eg. Level 4, Lower Barbican. The smaller the number, the closer to sea-level. Due to the gradual nature of flood-zoning and stratification, a Level designation does not necessarily represent the same distance from sea-level in each district.
localisationthe act of restricting the effect of one’s aptitude to a certain radius, or the application of that aptitude in a very targeted manner.
suppressorshort-range device (cf. dampener) designed to be worn by an aptee to decrease their aptitude’s effects.
VMsshorthand for vital-sign monitoring devices worn by healers in clinical care.
Xu’s Scaleinternational standard for quantifying the destructive potential of firestarters and telekinetics.


Arden Foundationprivate foundation whose philanthropic reach encompasses medical research and the performing arts. Established and continues to fund the ‘Medical and Aptitude Research Institute, England’ (M.A.R.I.E.).
Arden PharmaceuticalsBritish multinational, headquartered in London. Co-founded by Beatrice Arden, Javier Arden’s paternal grandmother).
Ascenda CorporationBritish construction and property development firm, responsible for much of London’s stratified infrastructure and public works. Majority-controlled by the Mansfields.
Langley Logisticslogistics firm providing cold-chain and specialist transport / handling services.
Sainte-Ophie BiotechFrench multinational with roots in bio-med and genetic engineering. Co-founded by Marion Sainte-Ophie (mother of Marie Sainte-Ophie).
St Ophie’s Hospitalpublic teaching hospital (and tier-1 trauma centre) in lower central London. Its relocation to Level 9 was partly funded by Sainte-Ophie Biotech.
Sentinel, Theinternational media and news-reporting organisation, headquartered in London.
Sixy-Fourthersdecentralised water-rights’ movement advocating for fusive-powered water infrastructure. Also referred to in shorthand as ’64ers’.
Special Investigations Agencygovernment agency targeting organised crime – including glass trafficking. Houses the national aptee‑forensics unit.
Zhang FuturisticsR&D tech firm based in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Pioneer in fusive-cell applications, including for water treatment.

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