When Ethan saves the life of a firestarter, it’s nothing unusual: he’s one of only three Healers in the largest hospital in Lower London, and that gunshot wound isn’t going to regenerate itself. 

But his patient turns out to be Corinna Arden: heiress to a pharmaceutical empire and twin sister to Javier, a man who (a) smuggles his twin out of ICU, (b) keeps sending Ethan flowers at work, and (c) has the cheekbones and earnestness to make up for both.

Ethan indulges in what he thinks will be brief and harmless romance, but quickly finds himself knee-deep in a wider conspiracy involving murder, the water crisis, a drug cartel and a bid for a multi-billion reconstruction project: Earthflown

Meanwhile, journalist Oliver Roskopf is preoccupied with a dead body he found on the receiving end of a too-convenient tip. It’s a scandal — but Oliver has more pressing questions: what the hell is Javier Arden doing here on taco night?

Earthflown is speculative fiction about criminal conspiracies, as told through a romantic comedy and investigative journalism. Set two hundred years in the future, the events unravel in a world where conventional ‘magic’ has been studied by science for a very long time.

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Earthflown is a novel that will be published as an ebook / paperback in early 2021. Updates fortnightly, minimum.

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