These are short, spoiler-free-ish ‘character notes’ for the main characters of Earthflown in the order of appearance. These portraits are by the amazing Viktoria Voronko! For other character-art (including secondary cast etc!), click here.

Corinna by Mezamero for Earthflown by Frances Wren

Corinna Arden

Consultant (Sales) at Arden Pharmaceuticals

Lives a very charmed life, Corinna ostensibly works in Sales but is in charge of some of the less-than-legal parts of the Arden Pharma downstream supply chain. A known Firestarter, she is bored by the family business at large but enjoys all the excesses of wealth. She lives with her twin brother and a general sense of smug superiority to the rest of the population at large.

❤️ Likes: the rush, and interesting ways to get it; her collection of rare tropical fish; Javier; Peter.
👎 Dislikes: being bored; Javier being sad.
Appears: Prologue
Ethan by Mezamero for Earthflown

Ethan Faulkner

Healer (Consultant, Cardiothoracic Surgeon) at St Ophie’s General Hospital, City of London.

Generally tired. Generally hungry. Can be spotted around the trauma bays and ORs wearing his vital monitor (mandatory) but not his standard issue grey coat (too conspicuous). Although he is only 26, he has been fast tracked through the system as Healers often are, and hold the title of a Consultant. He is focused on his career, and as a result has a bare social life and only one (1) real friend in his flatmate & med-school bestie, Vegas.

❤️ Likes: sleep and food; Vegas.
👎 Dislikes: lack of sleep or food; most people who aren’t Vegas.
Appears Chapter 1A
Javier by Mezamero for Earthflown

Javier Arden

Assistant instructor at the Lower School, The Royal Ballet; Director (Fundraising and Donor Relations) at the Arden Foundation.

Ex-principal dancer with the Royal Ballet – reluctantly quit a year ago to spend more time with his twin sister and the family business. He is the the friendlier / less problematic face of Arden Pharmaceuticals, and so works with charitable projects and the PR team. His Aptitude means he has a particular talent with people.

❤️ Likes: everyone within a 10 meter radius being happy or relaxed; ballet; the arts; home cooking.
👎 Dislikes: all of the men that his sisters are seeing.
Appears Chapter 1B
Oliver by Mezamero for Earthflown by Frances Wren


Investigative journalist at The Sentinel

Lives for the chase and the satisfaction of breaking a good story, he always has a few spare disposable cameras and mics in his pocket. Can be sustained entirely on instant noodles and good leads. In an on-and-off-on-again long term relationship with Vegas, the police and the water moguls of London.

❤️ Likes: a good story; eureka moments; Vegas.
👎 Dislikes: being one-upped on scoops; sources dying before he can interview them; the leak in his bathroom ceiling.
Appears Chapter 2A

Secondary CAST

  • Vegas Kelsey ⁠— Specialty Registrar (Emergency Medicine) at St Ophie’s General Hospital. Best friends + flatmates with Ethan. On-again, off-again relationship with Oliver.
  • Peter [?] ⁠— Officially Corinna’s ‘security’. Unofficially her enabler. A Ghost.
  • Florence González — Political reporter at The Sentinel. One of Oliver’s best friends.
  • Nick Holt — Special investigator at the SIA. Old school friends with Oliver.
  • Robert Langley ⁠— Logistics tycoon; played a part in London’s light-rail reconstruction when the Tube was officially abandoned. Heads a drug cartel in his spare time.
  • Charles Langley — Robert Langley’s nephew and Corinna’s boyfriend. Technically.
  • Giulia Arden — Eldest Arden sister and accomplished bio-chemist. Corinna and Javier’s handlers.
  • Stephen Mansfield — Javier’s best friend since they were 5 minutes old. Spare heir to the Mansfield family business (Ascenda PLC).
  • Nathaniel Mansfield — Stephen’s older brother who takes the family business a little more seriously. Some may say too seriously.

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