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Earthflown is a science fiction fantasy novel, coming soon. It is part of an animated / illustrated multi-media universe hosted on this website (but is not a web serial), and bonus content are currently available exclusively on this website / via the server upon request.

It is a character-driven story told in three alternating (but tightly bound) perspectives, and explores the imminent water crisis, hypercapitalism and (all types of) love through romance, crime and investigative journalism.

Set in London 200 years from now, Earthflown takes a ‘scientific’ approach to conventionally fantastical / magical archetypes — and how these abilities shape medical advances, social / legislative policy and power. These issues form a backdrop to the romantic and platonic intimacy that take centre stage. That, and a few murders.

genre tags

I often wish books had Ao3 style genre tags on the back, so here are some relevant tags to help you decide whether this might be a story for you! I have left out some plot-spoilery tags.

romancescience fictionmagical realismresource scarcitygenetic engineeringFuturistic Medicalscifi / fantasybig pharmatwinsorganised crimeLGBTfluffcartelshurt / comfortsibling bondssecretsinvestigative journalismviolencespeculative fictionfound familyhyper privitisationforbidden loveopposites attractfatal capitalismplatonic intimacy

content warnings

Shaded warnings take up more ‘screen time’ in the book, whilst outlined warnings are passing or brief. If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to message me.

acknowledgements + art / illustration credits

This novel would not be possible without the patient and indulgence of my editors, betas and friends. Things are still being tweaked so all errors are my own. Big thanks to:

  • Saralyn Beckius, for her medical expertise.
  • Mallory Litarnes, for endless squee sessions, sounding board angst and emotional support.
  • Karoline, Maria and Erica for tireless beta-reading, enthusiasm and patience.
  • Tilly for developmental editing and endless scrutiny.
  • JWB for his insanely generous support – a real life saver, I can’t express!

All illustrations are by me (Frances Wren) unless otherwise stated. Other (superior) illustrations for Earthflown include:

  • animated cover painting and featured illustrations by Mallory Litarnes
  • character portrait sketches by Mezamero
  • guest illustration of chapter 2 by Raphodraws

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all text and images are copyright © Frances Wren, all rights reserved.
Please do not redistribute. All enquiries (incl. identity + licensing): francesthewren@gmail.com

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