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Earthflown is an illustrated novel that is slated to be published as a paperback / ebook in early 2021 — currently available exclusively on this website. It’s a standalone novel, rather than a web serial (e.g. will not be 500 chapters long), so the updates are hopefully meaty!

The genre two-liner is: Rom-com with organised crime set in scifi-fantasy of the magical realism / speculative fiction. Alternatively: gay romance alongside corrupt conspiracies, crime, Very Expensive Water and London 200 years in the future.

This is the first original novel that I’ve shared in its original for: all my other original novels I’ve adapted for fandom over the years (you may know me as the merm and avian person) since I’m pretty small fry and wanted to be part of a community of readers. I’m still a small fry, but I really wanted to share my original universes with the characters they were born with, and a story I didn’t have to twist and compromise to fit something else!

I’ve been pretty anxious about the whole thing, as in the past my worldbuilding / fics have in the past been shredded and plagiarised for scraps …but I realised if I never shared, no one would ever read — so here goes! My biggest fear now is that the whole thing is too boring, so if you have any criticism or feedback, please do let me know if you have time!

⚠️ Please do not repost any part of this story, or reshare as ebook files etc. I’m hoping to self publish later, but want to share (for free!) before that with people. If you find Earthflown (in any form) on any other website, please let me know 🙁

genre tags

I often wish books had Ao3 style genre tags on the back, so here are some relevant tags to help you decide whether this might be a story for you! I have left out some plot-spoilery tags.

romancescience fictionmagical realismresource scarcitygenetic engineeringFuturistic Medicalscifi / fantasybig pharmatwinsorganised crimeLGBTfluffcartelshurt / comfortsibling bondsinvestigative journalismviolencespeculative fiction

acknowledgements + art / illustration credits

This novel would not be possible without the patient and indulgence of my editors, betas and friends. Things are still being tweaked so all errors are my own. Big thanks to:

  • Saralyn Beckius, for her medical wisdom, especially consulting at the start of the novel
  • Mallory Litarnes, for endless squee sessions, sounding board angst and being the Chief Crack Dialogue Adviser, meme division;
  • Karoline Vie and Mei for tireless beta reading and putting up with my badgering.
  • JWB for his insanely generous support – a real life saver, I can’t express!

All illustrations are by me (Frances Wren) unless otherwise stated. Other (superior) illustrations for Earthflown include:

  • animated cover painting by Mallory Litarnes
  • character portrait sketches by Mezamero
  • guest illustration of chapter 2 by Raphodraws

Earthflown is a novel that will be published as an ebook / paperback in early 2021. Updates fortnightly, minimum.

Earthflown exclusively available here - if you see it reposted elsewhere (e.g. wattpad, ebook sites etc), those have been stolen :( Please let me know.
all text and images are copyright © Frances Wren, all rights reserved.
Please do not redistribute. All enquiries (incl. identity + licensing): francesthewren@gmail.com

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