Music of earthflown

Below are work-in-progress playlists, including an ‘overall’ Earthflown novel playlist, as well as ‘character study’ soundtracks. The songs are arranged in rough chronological order, but things are being tweaked constantly. Please give it a follow if you enjoy! (you can also find them by searching ‘earthflown’ in spotify).

Music of earthflown 1
Music of earthflown 2
Music of earthflown 3

Music of earthflown 4
Music of earthflown 5
Music of earthflown 6

Earthflown is a novel that will be published as an ebook / paperback in early 2021. Updates fortnightly, minimum.

Earthflown exclusively available here - if you see it reposted elsewhere (e.g. wattpad, ebook sites etc), those have been stolen :( Please let me know.
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