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Earthflown (16 APRIL 2024) is an illustrated SFF novel where a love story tries — and fails — to leave the water crisis behind in a post-flood, big-pharma controlled London. Medicine meets a bit of magic in Frances Wren + Litarnes’ debut novel.

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Earthflown (16 APRIL 2024) is an illustrated scifi-fantasy where a surgeon / healer (Ethan) falls in love with a hapless man (Javier) embroiled in a water cartel against his will. It’s Javier’s family business, and his twin sister (Rina) is both a firestarter and allergic to living a quiet life of excess.

Maintaining control of a pharma empire — and access to clean drinking water — is not for the faint hearted. Javier just wants a crime-free romance. Ethan just wants to sleep. And journalist Oliver wants to find out why water-rights activists are turning up dead.

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Frances is a kiwi writer based in Australia, practicing law during rent-paying hours and painting during sleeping hours. Earthflown is their debut novel.

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Frances Wren is a kiwi writer based in Australia. They’re a practicing solicitor during rent-paying hours, specialising in antitrust before leaving big-law for not-for-profit medical research. They illustrate book covers sometimes (at Earthflown is their debut novel.

Pub Date: 16 April 2024!

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